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Tiny Mental Vacation for a Monday Morning


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Think Long. Write Short.

FastCo Design recently published a fantastic interview with George Lois, the original MadMan. In “10 Tips for Success,” he gives some thoughtful advice on advertising that translates well into general life advice. Here’s my favorite: 2.  “I’m sorry I could not … Continue reading

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Make a Blanket Fort

(via incandescentlywitty) Somebody mentioned making a fort yesterday, and I got a little excited. It’s been….years and years since I’ve made one, and everybody needs to play now and then. Waiting for the next rainy weekend to build my own!

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Dirty 30: The List

30 is a benchmark, at least for my generation. When you can no longer deny that you’re an adult, when, if you’re lucky, you’ve figured out what you want to do with your life. There are a few things I’d … Continue reading

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