Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

Favorite Chuckle: Convos With my 2-Year Old 

Favorite Food: I made my own bbq sauce! Everything about this recipe from IowaGirlEats is perfect for summer

Favorite Gadget: Mom is getting us a mixer! Kind of geeking out over the many color options….red, maybe?

Favorite Advice15 Long-Term Relationship Hacks

 via BuzzFeed

Favorite Wedding Idea: hanging mason jars of wildflowers

 via Erin McLean Events

Favorite Pup: (I realize this is dangerous)

via The Animals Planet

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Thursday’s Virtual Vacation

cherry-trees-walkway_13297_600x450I don’t remember where I found this picture (sorry!) but it’s my current background on my work pc and it makes me really happy.

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It has been a crazy few months with lots of ups and downs. My life has been as extreme as the weather: We Got Engaged! Grandma got sick. We Went to Mexico! My parents had to put our beloved labs to sleep. The 4th of July! Grandma passed away. Like I said, a lot has happened.

I’ve been feeling (kinda) guilty about keeping up the blog. I’ll do better. By means of apology, we discovered a North Carolina gem over the weekend, the lovely town of Saxapahaw.

We’ve been trying to branch out into “activities” as opposed to just hanging out by the pool and grilling. Sooo on Saturday we headed out old route 54 for some wine tasting, farmers marketing, blue grass listening goodness.

Snaps to E for finding Benjamin Vineyards, with yummy wines and an awesome wine tasting deal. We all bought a few bottles – pretty much the first muscadine wines I’ve actually enjoyed. I’d love to go back some time with a picnic lunch, buy some wine, and just hang out – it’s a pretty, peaceful little place.

From the vineyard, it’s only about 5 minutes to Saxapahaw.

Apparently everyone but us knew that Saxapahaw Rivermill hosts a farmers market and free outdoor music every Saturday during the summer. It was the perfect Saturday evening with food trucks and pic and wine and a nice hillside. Last week the band was the Hey Brothers. They were pretty awesome. They gave me a sticker. I wonder if they do weddings…..

If you find yourself in the area, definitely try to make it out. Plus the Haw River Ballroom is supposed to be a cool music venue (and a good coffee shop) and there’s tubing and a pretty legit general store. Tourism pitch complete 🙂



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Virtual Vacation/Happy Thursday

Giant Rubber Duck in Hong Kong via Huffington Post.

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Paint by Numbers

I’m always looking for new art inspiration – this website pops out “watercolor” maps that you can print and paint yourself. I’m totally putting this on my crafty projects list – you can see my DC map below – I might even zoom in to the city street level to make DC a little more recognizable, what do you think?

 I learned that this project is part of CityTracking, a two-year project (2010-2012) to change the way people view, talk about, utilize digital city services, funded by the Knight Foundation. Cool!


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Belated Easter Dinner

It’s been a crazy few weeks! I wanted to share the fantastic lamb recipe we used for our Easter feast.



It was so. good. We simplified a little and just used regular sea salt – the combination of kalamata olives and rosemary was a winner. I don’t usually cook with rosemary, so I had fun using the rest of the container over the next few days – my favorite was this rosemary chicken from RealSimple.

In more recent news, I had an awesome, theatre-filled weekend! I saw The Importance of Being Earnest with the boy on Friday night, Basil Twist’s take on the Rite of Spring on Saturday, and Cabaret on Sunday afternoon. I needed my performance fix, and these were all great productions – I’d especially recommend seeing anything of Basil Twist’s that you can – he’s a genius puppeteer performance artist who creates really innovative, playful, and engaging work.


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Yup, We Made This!

The doctor was away for a community week earlier this month, so my friend and I made this fantastic dinner.


Seriously delicious. The pasta especially is one of my new favorites – it’s easy and different and tastes so much fancier than it is.

Avocado, Mozzarella, and Bruschetta Chicken from Iowa Girl Eats                                        Big Kid Mac n’ Cheese (Butternut squash, lemon, chicken sausage and blue cheese pasta) from Pure Wow


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