Dirty 30: The List

30 is a benchmark, at least for my generation. When you can no longer deny that you’re an adult, when, if you’re lucky, you’ve figured out what you want to do with your life. There are a few things I’d like to do before I get there.

1. Get my yoga teacher certification

2. Become a philanthropist

I have causes I care about. Working for and with non profits, I know that every little bit counts. So whether it’s volunteering, serving on a board, or giving a donation that is significant for me, I want to be more active in supporting the things that are important to me and become a better member of my community.

3. Run a half marathon

4. Travel

This has to do with staying curious, mixing it up, and learning new things. Aiming for at least one significant trip a year to someplace I’ve never been.

5. Live

Be present. Love the people around me and let them know it every day. Try not to plan too much. Enjoy life.

6. Cook

Branch out far beyond boring old chicken and learn to actually be a good cook. Try for 3 full meals a week, most of them healthy, at least one of them a new recipe. Bake something every week too too.

7. Take pictures

I stopped taking pictures after college. There’s something to be said for having a few memories of great times. Maybe get a good camera or take a class.

8. Move

Try at least one new workout a week.


About penultimatist

Columbia Heights living, yoga practicing, avid reading, arts loving, nonprofit working, soccer playing semi-yupster
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