Virtual Vacation

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New Shoes!

It was really time for new shoes. The puppy emphasized this point nicely by systematically destroying them over the span of a few days, but it was really time for new shoes anyway. I got my last pair a year and some change ago while dealing with shin splints, so I was excited to literally start off on a new foot. I started by chatting with my sports med doc and trainer, who encouraged me to get what was comfortable, since my feet are pretty neutral. Then a visit to my local Fleet Feet. I ended up with the Nike Air Pegasus+ 29.

So comfortable! Seriously, I think this is the only sneaker I’ve found as an adult (aka, since I started caring) that is absolutely comfortable. This is a neutral, light running shoes. They’re so much lighter than my old shoes (a Saucony stability shoe) and feel fantastic! They also come in a great array of colors, but the combo above is what the store had, and, as I mentioned, I was in desperate need of new shoes. So far I’ve run in them and done some cross training – very pleased with my selection.

I also finally started using the Nike training ap (they’re not paying me, I promise) and am super sore. It offers great workout options and shows you how to do all the moves, all of which require minimal equipment. Now there are no excuses for not working out at home 🙂


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A love letter

love lettervia theBERRY (I think – saved the pic and forgot where it came from!)


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Happy Monday

This made my morning.

On a slightly related note, now I know what puppy sickness looks like. Last Sunday the puppy was really lethargic and pretty much spent the entire day curled in a shivering ball in the corner. It was awful to see her feeling so bad and not know how to help – I know what human sickness looks like, but not puppy sickness, and the google results for her symptoms were pretty alarming. Needless to say, we got her to the vet pretty quickly, and one very expensive vet bill and 48 hours later, she’s totally fine. As far as we can tell, she ate something bad in the woods. No more off leash privileges for her for a while. Whew.



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Thursday’s Virtual Vacation

Cabo San Lucas, just for Valentines Day! I can’t for our actual vacation, and until then, enjoying the pretty pictures as a tiny mental vacation. pic via traveltocabos


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I actually think this whole issue is fascinating. But this card made me chuckle.

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Weekend Favorites

Cinderella is coming to Broadway for the first time ever! One of my unabashedly favorite musicals ever. Inherited from my mom, augmented by Julie Andrews, and solidified by the production we did in high school (I was the stepmother). Plus, the awesome stage manager from Smash, Ann Harada  is in it! I am going to make it to New York for this one. Gah! So excited!

Plank Ab Burner from The Fitnessista

A cartoon version of Pride and Prejudice in celebration of it’s 200th anniversary from NPR

  Pineapple Upside Down Cupcakes from Big Mama’s Home Kitchen

             Slow Cook Beef Short Ribs in Cabernet Sauce from Eat Live Run

I Knew You Were Trouble cover by Walk Off The Earth

aaaand the Sophia Grace and Rosie version. They have a book out apparently.

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