It has been a crazy few months with lots of ups and downs. My life has been as extreme as the weather: We Got Engaged! Grandma got sick. We Went to Mexico! My parents had to put our beloved labs to sleep. The 4th of July! Grandma passed away. Like I said, a lot has happened.

I’ve been feeling (kinda) guilty about keeping up the blog. I’ll do better. By means of apology, we discovered a North Carolina gem over the weekend, the lovely town of Saxapahaw.

We’ve been trying to branch out into “activities” as opposed to just hanging out by the pool and grilling. Sooo on Saturday we headed out old route 54 for some wine tasting, farmers marketing, blue grass listening goodness.

Snaps to E for finding Benjamin Vineyards, with yummy wines and an awesome wine tasting deal. We all bought a few bottles – pretty much the first muscadine wines I’ve actually enjoyed. I’d love to go back some time with a picnic lunch, buy some wine, and just hang out – it’s a pretty, peaceful little place.

From the vineyard, it’s only about 5 minutes to Saxapahaw.

Apparently everyone but us knew that Saxapahaw Rivermill hosts a farmers market and free outdoor music every Saturday during the summer. It was the perfect Saturday evening with food trucks and pic and wine and a nice hillside. Last week the band was the Hey Brothers. They were pretty awesome. They gave me a sticker. I wonder if they do weddings…..

If you find yourself in the area, definitely try to make it out. Plus the Haw River Ballroom is supposed to be a cool music venue (and a good coffee shop) and there’s tubing and a pretty legit general store. Tourism pitch complete 🙂




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