New Shoes!

It was really time for new shoes. The puppy emphasized this point nicely by systematically destroying them over the span of a few days, but it was really time for new shoes anyway. I got my last pair a year and some change ago while dealing with shin splints, so I was excited to literally start off on a new foot. I started by chatting with my sports med doc and trainer, who encouraged me to get what was comfortable, since my feet are pretty neutral. Then a visit to my local Fleet Feet. I ended up with the Nike Air Pegasus+ 29.

So comfortable! Seriously, I think this is the only sneaker I’ve found as an adult (aka, since I started caring) that is absolutely comfortable. This is a neutral, light running shoes. They’re so much lighter than my old shoes (a Saucony stability shoe) and feel fantastic! They also come in a great array of colors, but the combo above is what the store had, and, as I mentioned, I was in desperate need of new shoes. So far I’ve run in them and done some cross training – very pleased with my selection.

I also finally started using the Nike training ap (they’re not paying me, I promise) and am super sore. It offers great workout options and shows you how to do all the moves, all of which require minimal equipment. Now there are no excuses for not working out at home 🙂



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