Super Bowl Munchies

This year I discovered that my tolerance for football has a strict three hour limit – especially when it means that the additional 45 minutes was spent watching a blackout while missing the newest episode of Downton Abbey. However Beyonce rocked it, and company was good. So was the food.

My contribution was this take on loaded potato skins. I sliced the potato pretty thin, and so it got a little too soft when I boiled it – it turned out fine, more like potato squares with cheese, bacon, and chives, but if you want more traditional chips, I’d just bring the slices to a boil and drain immediately. The sauce was amazing and ended up on everything…wings, quesadillas, sandwiches the next day…. definitely a winner.

Also in the mix: a fantastic smoked pork shoulder with homemade bbq sauce, multiple flavors of wings (homemade and otherwise), chips, salsa, shrimp, jalapeno poppers, stuffed peppers, and banana pudding. Go ‘Merica.


About penultimatist

Columbia Heights living, yoga practicing, avid reading, arts loving, nonprofit working, soccer playing semi-yupster
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