Fifty Important Lessons New York City Taught Me

This article by Brett Nelson for Forbes makes me nostalgic for a city I have never even lived in. It also makes me miss DC. Here are my favorites from his list:

BBridge12) Appreciate A Park: Every Blade Of Grass (And Shard Of Glass) The dirt softball field under the 59th Street Bridge (connecting Manhattan with Queens) doesn’t exactly make you feel, as Paul Simon would say, groovy. In fact, it’s a treacherous place, devoid of grass and littered with broken glass. Adding insult to probable injury, shallow pop flies get swatted down by the bridge’s understructure. But then, if you get hold of one over the right-field fence you might nail a bus (that’s fun!), and you can nurse your wounds over piles of worthy hot wings at the nearby Blue Room.

22) Chat Up A Cabbie A cab ride is an opportunity to get cheated (perhaps), to get carsick (likely, depending on the time of day), and to learn something (always). Just don’t take the dude’s stock tips.

25) Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone One of the great ironies of NYC is that the very people who glorify its energizing collision of cultures and vast menu of choices are often the same people who confine their social lives within the same three square-blocks (and I’m not just talking about newly minted parents).

26) Have A Ritual (Part 1) Sunday morning at Petite Abeille, in Tribeca, with a Belgian waffle, a pool-sized latte and back issues of the New Yorker.

30) Be Alone Not all the time—just long enough to hear yourself.

32) If You Present A Problem, Present A Solution Otherwise you’re just a whiner, and no one likes a whiner.


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