Crockpot Fun

Happy New Year!

I have a good feeling about 2013 – I’m feeling rejuvenated after a fantastic and relaxing winter break (we even had a white Christmas!) and I’m ready to take on some new challenges this year.

I’m calling this the year of action and I’m only making one resolution – renewed commitment really – to not put things off. If you can do it in 2 minutes, do it now. Here are a few new things so far in 2013:

1. P90X – this is really the doctor’s fault, but I’m gamely giving it a try. We’ve done pretty well this week, although I am more sore than I have been in years. Seriously. It hurts to move.

2. Keeping the house cleaned up. So much nicer to not have to move mountains of things off the table for every meal.

3. We got a crock pot! I think the mark of true adulthood is when a crock pot becomes and exciting gift. Got a little giddy and immediate went out to buy massive quantities of meat. We’ve made some pretty fantastic meals so far.

Pulled Pork Tacos – we used this recipe from Iowa Girl Eats and Oh So Good! So good we invited people over to share the amazingness with us. The leftovers were fantastic as well . . . breakfast hash, on salads . . . we used them for everything.

The secret ingredient is Dr. Pepper 🙂 Who can argue with that? Also boiled down some of the sauce for topping it all off. We were lazy and didn’t make our own salsa, but next time, I will definitely make it myself.

Roast Beef – Also used Dr. Pepper. This recipe is super simple. We added veggies and garlic for fun and it turned out beautifully. Between these two dishes, we probably each consumed about 5 pounds of red meat over the past week. More than in a usual month.

Next up? Chicken! Chicken Tortilla Soup, for the weekend, to be exact.


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