NW by Zadie Smith

White Teeth was one of my favorite assigned readings in college, and I’m excited to read Zadie Smith‘s new novel, NW. Seriously, White Teeth might be the best debut novel in the past decade. It seems like young women are really making their mark in the literary world, writing amazing things before they hit 30.

NPR did a thoughtful interview Ms. Smith this week. Here’s my favorite bit:

“It was about trying to be closer to reality — more real and more honest,” she says. “Life seems to be speeding up: It used to be that I felt like I was 5 for 100 years and now I’ve been 32 for 10 seconds. And that concept — which I don’t mean that as an experimental statement or even a particularly theoretical statement — it’s a genuine feeling, but most narrative doesn’t get anywhere close to replicating that genuine feeling. So I wanted to try and do that.”

I’ve been noticing life speeding up in the past few years….and Zadie Smith reflects the feeling so eloquently.



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