On Peter Pan


For a better answer, I turn to the man himself: Barrie wrote in his 1928 dedication to the Llewelyn Davies boys, “What was it that eventually  made us give to the public in the thin form of a play that which had  been woven for ourselves alone? Alas, I know what it was, I was losing  my grip. One by one as you swung monkey-wise from branch to branch in  the wood of make-believe you reached the tree of knowledge. Sometimes  you swung back into the wood, as the unthinking may take a familiar road that no longer leads home; or you perched ostentatiously on its boughs  to please me, pretending that you still belonged; soon you knew it was  only as the vanished wood, for it vanishes if one needs to look for it.”


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Columbia Heights living, yoga practicing, avid reading, arts loving, nonprofit working, soccer playing semi-yupster
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