Superior Donuts

Just got back from the PWYC preview of Superior Donuts at Studio Theatre. Definitely worth seeing. I’ve been in the mood for comedy lately and this was just what I needed. A great comedy, but realistic enough to enjoy, heart-warming without being saccharine, with a hopeful ending. All around fantastic acting, interesting set. The only real problem I had was the transitions into and out of monologues–a sticky spot in the play itself more than in this particular production. I very rarely give standing ovations, and I did for this.

It seems like some many contemporary plays that somehow deal with the American dream end up being incredibly depressing. In so many cases, maybe it’s true, but where does that get us? I’m thinking of my latest Broadway trip– both American Idiot and In the Heights left such a non-committal meh taste in my mouth. It’s not exactly apathy, but neither is it hopeful or inspiring or pure entertainment. Also, I admit, they’re musicals and not straight theatre– but if this is what the mass audience is consuming, what does it say about America?

superior donuts
by Tracy Letts
directed by Serge Seiden
Opening November 10, 2010
terpreted performance:
Friday, December 3, 2010.

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