I will go slightly out of my way to step on that crunchy leaf

Who doesn’t love a good crunchy leaf? There’s nothing quite like jumping in a big pile of leaves on crisp fall days. I’ve been looking all morning for that quotation in Fahrenheit 451 about leaves….apparently the general public was not as struck by the image as I was, I can’t find it anywhere online. Something about leaves smelling like cinnamon…..We spent way too much time on that book in 8th grade literature class, and leaves are the most enduring image. For our group project, we filmed a Blair Witch-esque (it was right after the movie came out) short film from the protagonist’s point of view at the end of the movie. Also in fall and I remember tromping through the woods to get the perfect isolated short, and having a deer run through the frame at precisely the right moment– serendipity.


About penultimatist

Columbia Heights living, yoga practicing, avid reading, arts loving, nonprofit working, soccer playing semi-yupster
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