When I lived in Silver Spring, I used to look at graffiti as I commuted into the city on the metro everyday. Most of it was your typical stuff, but every now and then there’d be something awesome– some actually witty tag, or the snowman that appeared last winter, or the Michael Jackson memorial that went up outside the Catholic station.  Pretty much every paintable surface between Silver Spring and Union Station serves as an ever changing canvas– the only places that seemed to escape the graffiti were the few actual murals along the route, and I always though it’d be great to employ these same teams to create community murals of their own, something that they had ownership & pride in. I mean, besides that fact the some of the graffiti is vulgar (I certainly don’t want small children seeing a good half of it), it just doesn’t show the community off– and these walls are the perfect place to do that.

Apparently, I’m not the first person to think of this, and there’s actually a great program in DC that’s already out there making a difference. Check out the MuralsDC blog. They just unveiled their 2010 projects, that span the city, making it more vibrant and interesting. Art is such a powerful community building tool.


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